PoE Hub has been launched!

12 / 14 / 2019

PoE Hub has been in the works (at least thought-level) for a long time now and originally the plan was to release the website alongside the complete Atlas Guide before 3.9, however Conquerors of The Atlas expansion made that impossible.

So instead of that, we're releasing the website with Layout Guides for Act 1 areas, as there has been a massive increase in interest in racing and speedrunning, and Act 1 is easily the hardest Act to master in the whole game due to it's massive variance in most layouts.

The plan is to cover all kinds of guides from The Atlas Guide (Which I make my mission to release during 3.9), rest of the Act layout guides, mechanics and system guides suchs as all Delve, Incursion and more.

Currently there are no plans for build or beginner guides, however you're free to change my mind on that. And if you're someone of great knowledge on particular subject (such as Delve), feel free to contact me about helping making the guides. I will properly credit everyone who has helped me with any and all guides that is in the website.

Ideally the website will not have a single ad, and should you want to help me maintain the website ad-less, I have setup Patreon and PayPal so you can show your support towards the website.

Please send me feedback through my socials about improvements and ideas to the website, I'd appreciate it a lot!

I would like to thank few people who made the launch of this website possible;

  • Grump
    • Thanks for being Grump and originally jokingly buying the domain and pushing me to actually do this.
  • NormieGamer1
    • Thanks for actually making the website, noone knows if this website would've actually ever happened without you man.
  • Demonias
    • Thanks for making all the sick images for the layout guides and helping me vet some of the layout guides
  • Kammell
    • Thanks for the mental support. Also, this website wouldn't be Poehub.gg without him buying the domain, originally it was poehub.zyx.
  • EngineeringEternity
    • Without EE originally pitching me about cooperating with The Atlas Guide over a year ago, the realization for the need of this website would probably never have happened.

Hope you enjoy your stay and learn a thing or two of the amazing Path of Exile we all love so much.


About Me

I'm Karvarousku, or Karv, and I've played Path of Exile very actively since 2012. During these years I've learned a lot of the game's systems and mechanics and played it well over a ten thousand hours. I'm creating this website to share that information with you all!


For feedback on the website or anything else really, you can contact me through my socials to the right or email me: