Act 1 - The Cavern of Anger

12 / 13 / 2019

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# Intro

In this guide we go over how to navigate Caverns of Anger, the last area of Act 1. Just like Caverns of Wrath, this layout is surprisingly simple once you clear it consistently the same way.

The starting area will always look the same, however by following few different guidelines it is quite fast to recognize in which one you are in.

Unlike in Caver of Wrath, you always hug the Northern wall from the start due to most of the layouts having that the right way to go. It also gives you quick information when the layout is in the other direction due to a dead end.

# Layouts

There are only a total of 3 different layouts for this are, and they are as follows:

  • Right
  • TopLeft
  • TopRight

Right layouts gets it's name from the fact that we start in the Left side of the area, and the exit is to the East, or Right. CavernAngerRight1 CavernAngerRight2

  • Hug the Northern wall and you will notice quickly how you cannot continue to North-West or North-East immediately after the starting area.
    • From here you know the layout is Right, and you start heading towards South-East and eventually turning by hitting a wall or by just "feeling the distance travelled" turn towards North-East.
  • It is very risky to turn too early as it can lead to quite the dead ends with corrupted zones.

Here's an instance with CZ spawn:


  • There is also a CZ spawn above to the North-East from the middle section of the instance, but due to time constrains it's not included here yet.

# TopLeft

TopLeft layout gets it's name from the exit being to the North-West of the entrance. CavernAngerTopLeft1 CavernAngerTopLeft2

  • Just like previously, we hug the Northern wall.
  • This time the area keeps going towards North-West and we keep at that direction and eventually find the exit.

And here's a few layouts where Corrupted Zone spawned:

CavernAngerTopLeftCZ1 CavernAngerTopLeftCZ2

# TopRight

TopRight is named as such because of the exit being to the North-East of the entrance. CavernAngerTopRight1 CavernAngerTopRight2 CavernAngerTopRight3

  • You guessed it right, we hug the Northen wall again.
  • This time around, after a bit of travelling to North-West we notice how we are no longer able to keep at that direction without first going North-East for a quite while. This is the clue to just keep going North-East instead, because turning towards North-West again will be a painful, painful dead end.

And here's a few layouts with Corrupted Zone spawns:

CavernAngerTopRightCZ1 CavernAngerTopRightCZ2 CavernAngerTopRightCZ3

# Cheatsheet

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# Next Area

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