Act 1 - The Cavern of Wrath

12 / 13 / 2019

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# Intro

In this guide we go over how to maneuver through Cavern of Wrath. It is, surprisingly, extremely simple area to go through and figure out once you follow consistent way of navigating through it.

# Layouts

There are a total of 4 distinct layouts for Cavern of Wrath, and you clear them all in the same way. The layouts are as follow:

  • BottomLeft
  • BottomRight
  • LeftBottom
  • LeftTop

# Bottom

In both Bottom layout variants the exit to the Cavern of Anger is North of the entrance.

# BottomLeft

BottomLeft layout's name is based on the exit being to the North-West of the entrance. If you were to draw a vertical line from the start, the exit is always a bit to the left of it. WrathBotLeft WrathBotLeft

  • We start the area by scouting the Southern side of the area and quickly notice we cannot keep going South-East.
  • We then turn towards North expecting the layout to be BottomRight instance, but we get greeted by a wall shortly blocking our path towards North-East.
    • From here we just go towards North-West and eventually find the exit.

Here's few instances with Corrupted Zone spawns:

WrathBotLeft WrathBotLeft

# BottomRight

BottomRight is named based on the exit being to the North-East of the entrance. If you were to draw a vertical line from the entrance, the exit is always a decent distance to the right of it. WrathBotRight WrathBotRight

  • Much like BottomLeft, we again scout the Southern side and notice we cannot continue
  • We then turn towards North and notice we are able to keep going North instead of being blocked by a wall shortly after.
    • From here we know the exit is towards the North and a tad to the East.

And here's a few CZ spawns:

WrathBotRight WrathBotRight

# Left

Both Left layout variants start with us being on the Left side of the area, and exit being to the East, or to the right from the start.

# LeftBottom

LeftDown's name comes from the fact that the exit is to the South-East. WrathLeftBottom WrathLeftBottom

  • Just like in earlier layouts, we check the Southern side of the entrance. This time we notice we can keep going towards that direction further.
  • We keep going directly South-East and after a few screens of travelling turn slightly more to East and find the exit.

Here's the CZ spawns:

WrathLeftBottom WrathLeftBottom

# LeftTop

LeftTop is named based on the exit being to the far to the East and to North-East. WrathLeftTop WrathLeftTop

  • Just like previous areas, we scout the Southern side and this time we notice that it continues.
  • Instead of the area allowing us to go South or South-East, this time we are greeted by a wall blocking that direction.
    • From here we just turn towards North-East and stay at that direction and eventually find the exit.

And here's the CZ spawns:

WrathLeftTop WrathLeftTop

# Cheatsheet

Work in progress

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