Act 1 - The Ship Graveyard

12 / 5 / 2019

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# Intro

In this guide our target is the Ship Graveyard (SGY), the dreaded area that eats new and experienced players alike with it's crazy amount of variation and seemingly randomly spawning Ship Graveyard Cave entrances. You can split the area to quite a bit of different layouts, but in this guide we have 15 distinct layouts, further divided to 3 different types of layouts.

Gladly, all of these layouts follow at least somewhat a ruleset that minimize the backtracking heavily, and in most cases completely.

And if you are just looking to find the Caverns of Wrath and completely ignore the extra skill point provided by the side quest in Ship Graveyard Cave, this area is actually very simple.

# Orientation

While Ship Graveyard has two orientations with their own layouts, I think it's better to divide the layouts based on the starting area within the instance instead. These starting locations are and their layouts are:

  • Right
    • Left
  • Top
    • FairGravWP
    • TopInstantWP
    • MediumRangeWP
    • LateWP
    • TriangleOpening
  • Bottom
    • NoWP
    • NoWallWP
    • WallWP
    • LeftStart
    • BottomInstantWP
    • WaterLeftLoop
    • WaterRightLoop
    • RockRightLoop
    • WPDirectlyAbove (or RockLeftLoop)

# Left

(Right)Left layout is named based on us starting at the right side of the instance, and exit being to the West, or Left. SGY

  • The easiest of the layout types, in the Right layouts we quickly notice we cannot go towards North because the waterline is blocking our way to that direction.
  • From here we know to just hug the wall to the South until we find the SGY Cave.
    • After obtaining the Allflame from SGY Cave you generally want to continue towards North-West to the Caverns of Wrath, take the WP and travel back to SGY to finish Fairgraves.
      • However, sometimes the Cave is very far down to the South - usually in layouts that spawned Corrupted Zone (CZ). In these cases it's better to log out or portal to town, take the waypoint back to SGY to finish of Fairgraves, and then continue West to the Caverns.

# Top

In the Top layouts we always start at the North side of the instance, above the waypoint, and the exit being to the South from the start.

# FairGravWP

FairGravWP is named based on the fact that Fairgraves is right next to the West of the waypoint. SGY

  • After recognizing the layout, you generally want to stay between the walls and not particularly hugging neither the Southern or the Northern side, as there's a chance you'll miss the Cave entrance.
  • After getting the Allflame from SGY Cave, keep heading towards South to Caverns and take the WP back to Fairgraves.

# TopInstantWP

TopInstanWP has the WP almost immediately below and to the left of the entrance. SGY

  • Much like in the FairGravWP layout, you gravitate towards the East / South-East and once hitting the and not finding the Cave you turn South-West and you will eventually find it.
  • From there you continue to Caverns to take WP back to Fairgraves.
  • Note that if the Cave is very close to the middle, you can go directly to the Fairgraves after to save loading screen time.

# MediumRangeWP

Name suggests that the WP is at medium range from the orientation, and if you compare this layout to the previous and the next one you'll see the difference. SGY

  • In this instance you clear it from the East / South-East side again, but instead of going to the Caverns immediately you should head to West for Fairgraves after getting the Allflame, because the waypoint is too far away from it.
    • Leaving a TP somewhere a long the way and going to Caverns for WP will cost you extra time in loading screens (and you use a valuable TP scroll early on!), so it's recommended to always do Fairgraves first before going to Caverns in this layout

# LateWP

As it's name entails, the WP in this layout is quite far away from the entrance. SGY

  • And just like the other layouts before, the Cave is usually found somewhere near the wall or from looping around following the wall towards the exit to the South.
  • After obtaining the Allflame, you should always go get Caverns WP before going back to Fairgraves as the Cave is always closer to Caverns and going back would create a lot backtracking.

# TriangleOpening

The nightmare of top layouts, TriangleOpening gets it's name based on the area allowing you to go either directly South, South-East or South-West. SGY

  • The SGY Cave can spawn in both in the right and the left side, but based on testing it's much more likely to be on the right side, so you want to circle around from that side.
  • If you find the Cave early after the waypoint, it's worth just going back to the waypoint through logging out or TPing, then going West for Fairgraves and after killing him continuing South to the Caverns.
    • But in the vast majority of cases, you just go to the Caverns first.
  • And if you didn't encounter the Cave when circling from the right side, you can either leave a TP at the entrance and go get the waypoint and coming back through the TP, or instead of going to Caverns going West to the Cave and after that killing Fairgraves and using the SGY waypoint to getting back to the portal and proceeding to Caverns.

# Bottom

In the Bottom layouts we always start at the South of instance, below waypoint, and exit always being towards North.

# NoWP

NoWP is named based on the fact that there is no WP to be seen ever before you go back to kill Fairgraves. SGY

  • We go Slightly to North-East and notice there is no waypoint in our path.
  • From here we follow the rock to our East side towards North and once the rock is no longer blocking our way, we leave TP here.
    • Then we start going towards North-West for the for Cave, and go to Caverns for the WP and then use the portal we left to go to Fairgraves which is South-East of the TP spot.

# NoWallWP

NoWallWP is named based on the fact that there is room to travel towards East from the waypoint. SGY

  • In NoWallWP layout we find the waypoint to our North-East after a small travel time, and we could continue going towards East.
    • In this layout the Cave can be directly to our North-East very close, so it's not a bad idea to check it there.
    • However, most of the time it's actually to the North-West, and in these cases we go to Caverns WP to and come back to the SGY WP to finish of Fairgraves.

# WallWP

Unlike NoWallWP, in the WallWP layout the Wp is very close to wall on both North and East sides, which tells us that the Fairgraves is much further North in this layout. SGY

  • We head towards North-West, and if we encounter Cave very quickly we can then go directly towards Fairgraves to finish him off and continue to Caverns.
  • However, in most of the WallWP layouts the Cave is further to the North-West, making it better to just drop a TP and go to Caverns WP and take the TP from town and go to kill Fairgraves after.

# LeftStart

LeftStart is named based on the fact that it is the only Bottom-type layout where the entrance is below to the North-East of the character, instead of the normal North-West side. SGY

  • In this layout we go North (sometimes we see the WP a bit to the West) to grab the waypoint
    • After that we turn towards West, and usually wanna go sliiightly towards South because the Cave entrance can sometimes be below the waypoint (if you were to draw a horizontal line through the waypoint)
    • Depending on the location of the Cave in comparison to the exit to Caverns, it can be either better to continue going there, or to log out or portal to town and take the WP to kill Fairgraves first.

# BottomInstantWP

BottomInstantWP is named based on the WP being instantly next to the entrance slightly to the North-East SGY

  • In this layout we head towards North and North-East in the search for the Cave entrance.
  • After obtaining the Allflame, we continue to Caverns and travel back to Fairgraves through the WP.

# WaterLeftLoop

WaterLeftLoop is named based on us being blocked by water after going North of the WP and the the need to circle around it to North from the Western, or Left side. SGY

  • In this layout the Cave is always seen by going slightly towards East when going North the moment the waterline allows you to start heading that direction.
  • After Allflame, go to Caverns for WP, and travel back to SGY WP for Fairgraves.

# WaterRightLoop

Much like the other WaterLoop layout, this is the same with the exception that the loop we do is from the Eastern, or Right side. SGY

  • Once we are allowed to head towards North-West, we tilt slightly more towards West to check if the Cave spawned below the Caverns entrance.
    • If not, it's above it.
  • After obtaining Allflame, proceed to Caverns and travel back to SGY WP through the WP in Caverns.

# RockRightLoop

RockRightLoop is named based on the looping from the previous two layouts being done instead around a rock and not waterline. SGY

  • You can tell that you have to follow the rock to the right instead of the water to the left by the way the waterline looks (straight diagonal line from South-West to North-East)
  • Other than having rock instead of waterline to follow, you it's pretty much identical to WaterRightLoop layout, so you clear it the same way:
    • First you check below the entrance to Caverns for the Cave and if it's not there, you go to the above it, get Allflame, proceed to Caverns and travel back to Fairgraves through WP.

# WPDirectlyAbove

WPDirectlyAbove layout gets it's name based on the WP being directly above the start. Like, if you were to draw a vertical line from the entrance, WP would be in it. SGY

  • From WP we head towards North-West like in most of the Bottom layouts, and after finding the Cave and obtaining Allflame we head to the North-East corner of the area for Caverns entrance to get WP and go back to slaughter Fairgraves.

# Cheatsheet

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