Act 1 - The Ledge

12 / 5 / 2019

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# Intro

For now, we won't be covering Ledge much, because for the vast majority of the playerbase you will always just run through it normally, so there isn't much to it. There is some potential thought to put in if you want to literally shave of few seconds off of a speedrun, however even for that you need very specific rare conditions (no Quicksilver charges, no Onslaught, no Movement Speed boots and a specific layout you have to recognize) there is potentially a case or two where creating a new instance from the waypoint will shave of a few seconds.

# Rocks

There is however one thing we do want to mention about Ledge, and that is that if you enter the area, for example to do a Prophecy, you want to be able to tell which way to go for Kuduku. LedgeRock

  • Kuduku and The Climb is always to the direction where these circled rocks are.

# Cheatsheet

Work in progress

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