The Introduction

12 / 12 / 2019

# Introduction

Path of Exile's areas are generated somewhat randomly, which makes navigating through them sometimes quite the nightmare. Act 1 particularly has a lot of variance in it's layouts, probably due to the need to have so much of it when the game was in early stages of development and GGG wanted players to have more variance that way.

It is quite evident when comparing the layout variance of early acts to anything past act 6, and that is one of the reasons why racers make such a big lead already in the first acts.

These guides aim to help you not only to get an idea of where to go in all areas, but to completely solve them to minimize the time lost while going through them.

Currently we have covered all important areas of Act 1, but the rest are coming, so stay tuned.

  • There will eventually be short video guides for each area (which can be found in this youtube playlist), however they will also be linked in their individual layout guides as well, like at the top of this page.

  • Each layout guide will also have a cheatsheet, which while provides some quick help isn't a fully fledged guide that can be found in this website.

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